2024 Women in Leadership Series

Navigating Conflict in the Workplace

Some people enjoy a lively debate, while others hide from it. Every day at work we must navigate different personalities, politics and competing priorities.

A good team player disagrees openly and speaks their mind. Easier said than done? Having productive conflict is a skill. Understanding when we should engage in conflict and when we should avoid it isn’t always easy. It requires empathy to take the high road.

But by avoiding conflict, you’re actually missing out. What’s toxic, and what’s productive? How can you nurture positive working relationships—even with difficult people. Learn how to have the hard conversations and resolve conflicts calmly and confidently.

Learn how to have the hard conversations and resolve conflicts calmly and confidently.


Amy Gallo headshot

Amy Gallo

Author, Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People)

Amy Gallo is a workplace expert who writes and speaks about gender, interpersonal dynamics, difficult conversations, feedback, and effective communication. She is the author of Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People) and the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict, as well as hundreds of articles for Harvard Business Review. For the past three years, Amy has co-hosted HBR’s popular Women at Work podcast, which examines the struggles and successes of women in the workplace.

Nicole M. Bianchi, CSP®

Author, Five Tough Talks: How To Lead Brave Conversations for Exceptional Results & Small Brave Moves: Learn How Little Acts of Bravery Are the Key to Life-Changing Leadership

Nicole is widely regarded as the go-to source for Bravership®, Bravery + Leadership and how it creates a competitive advantage for leaders.  Award-winning entrepreneur Nicole M. Bianchi is the ultimate success story, from life on a farm to executive leadership roles in Fortune 300 companies, Bianchi found true bravery in consistent small moves that led her own career soar from college dropout to positions of leadership over 16 years with two powerful Fortune 500 companies. Nicole made the move to start her own business in 2012, and never looked back. As an international keynote speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning entrepreneur, she partners with brands all over the globe helping leaders + teams craft their own small brave moves or turn tough talks into brave conversations. She is on a mission to elevate peoples live and make bravery accessible to all Off stage, Nicole loves to sing off-key karaoke with a full-bodied glass of wine.  


11:00 am – Noon

Navigating Conflict and “Smart Fights” at Work

Featuring Amy Gallo

Every day we navigate offices full of competing interests, clashing personalities, limited time and resources, and fragile egos. While some of us enjoy a lively debate with colleagues and others prefer to avoid disagreements, we all struggle with conflict at work. We want strong relationships with our coworkers, bosses, and clients but that’s not always easy, especially when time is tight, and resources are limited. But you can’t have a diverse, inclusive, productive team without some healthy fights. Raising disagreements can be especially challenging for women when they feel pressure to be likable or accommodate others.

So how can you deal with inevitable disagreements in a professional and productive way, especially as a woman? Amy combines management research and practical insights on difficult conversations, collaborative relationships, and negotiations for women at work. In this session, she’ll help you:

  • Understand the interpersonal dynamics, including gender, that affect collaboration
  • Recognize the impact of your communication style on peers, direct reports and clients
  • Assess your options for addressing a disagreement
  • Prepare for and engage in difficult conversations
  • Manage your emotions
  • Know when to walk away

Noon – 12:50 pm

Mastering Tough Talks: Transforming into Brave Conversations

Featuring Nicole Bianchi

In the world of leadership, the ability to navigate and transform tough conversations into strategic advantages is not just a skill—it’s a game-changer. In this session, we will explore the powerful art of mastering brave conversations to elevate your leadership excellence. Uncover how transforming tough talks into strategic advantages can give your organization a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

In this session, Nicole will help you: 

  • Gain a profound understanding of the pivotal role tough conversations play in your leadership journey and the impact they can have on your organization’s success.
  • Learn advanced strategies to navigate five key types of tough talks, from setting the tone in “How We Work” conversations to strategically planning “Moving On” discussions.
  • Discover how to foster a culture of open and effective communication within your peers, your leader and your team, where tough conversations are embraced as opportunities for growth.

12:50 – 1:30 pm

Concurrent Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

We’ll break into small groups in Zoom meeting rooms for facilitated discussions on the key takeaways from the sessions, share challenges with one another, and help each other create an action plan that benefits from one another’s experiences and lessons.

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